Gator Farm Tactical

Southern Arizona Firearms Training

hd_military_wallpapers_4025643Gator Farm Tactical provides world class education and training on firearms and self-defense.    Our courses are designed to teach people of all training levels how to protect themselves, their homes, and families.  From basic handgun instruction to full on tactical lessons, Gator Farm Tactical has you covered.

Gator Farm Tactical is the firearms training contractor for Pima County Natural Resources Parks and Recreation (NRPR).  We offer our classes at the Pima County Shooting Sport Ranges.

Gator Farm Tactical is also affiliated with the Massad Ayoob Group (MAG).  We are the only organization in Southern Arizona that is authorized to use material from Massad Ayoob who is America’s premier firearms author and instructor.  In addition, we regularly conduct MAG classes throughout Southern Arizona.

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