Gator Farm Tactical instructors are NRA certified and have been trained by Massad Ayoob.  They are required to attend at least one advanced training school each year.  Training with other instructors allows us to share and compare modern techniques of shooting and instructing shooting.

Dan Southard attended the Tom Givens 4 day advanced instructor development school.  He studied modern, effective gun handling techniques, designed to work under stress.  He fired in excess of 1,000 rounds of ammunition doing the drills he will teach  He did the drills using two types of handguns, semi-automatic and revolver and qualified with a 92/100 on the tough FBI qualification course.

Dan Southard, Victoria Willhite, and Phil Wong attended Mas Ayoob’s MAG-IC class held in Minneapolis, MN.  This course allows these instructors to teach the MAG 20 portion of the MAG 40 class.  The training included instruction with revolver, back-up guns, and many rounds from full size semi-auto handguns.  Each student fired in excess of 4,000 rounds during the 4 day training receiving constant coaching from David Maglio a LEO and Senior Instructor for Mas Ayoob.

Victoria Willhite, Director of Training:
Vicki is retired Army.  She has graduated from all of Mas Ayoob’s training,  most of Marty Hayes’s handgun courses, Kathy Jackson’s Cornered Cat course (Babes with Bullets), and Tom Givens Instructor Development Course.  She has assisted or run the very advanced Inter-Agency course at Ft. Huachuca and has recently been asked to teach this course at Ft. Mead, MD,

Phil Wong, Senior Instructor:
 Phil is a veteran CCW Instructor and a graduate of Mas Ayoob’s LFI I, MAG 80, and MAG-IC Advanced instructors class.

Deb Kowalski, Developing Instructor:
Deb is an NRA Pistol Instructor.  Her NRA certifications include defense Inside the Home and Outside the Home.  She is also Appleseed Program Instructor and a graduate of  Mas Ayoob’s MAG 40 class and Rangemaster Instructor Class.

Fred Thourot, Instructor:
Fred is retired Air Force. His NRA Certifications include Range Safety Officer, Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Inside the Home, Outside the Home, and Refuse to be a Victim.  He is an Arizona DPS certified Security Guard Instructor and attended many Gunsite classes on defensive pistol. He is also a graduate of Mas Ayoob’s MAG 40 class.

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