Dan Southard

  • Graduate of Massad Ayoob’s LFI I, LFI II, and LFI III with the classification of a Level Three instructor in handgun, tactical shotgun and sub-machine gun, CQB, handgun retention, and Kubotan.
  • Certified Instructor in AZ and Federal law in using Lethal Force.
  • Graduate of the Firearms Academy of Seattle in intensive handgun training while moving.
  • Certified in training designed specifically for women to use firearms. The instructors were Kathy Jackson (Corneredcat.com), Gail Pepin, and Diane Walls.
  • Active Member of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, LLC.
  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.
  • NRA Certified Personal Defense of the Home Instructor.
  • Arizona foundation for Legal Services training on Blood Spatter and forensic evidence collection.
  • Award for Valor by the Pima County Sheriffs for action during an active shooting on the campus of Ajo High School.
  • NCOIC 8/40th Armor Combat rifle, light-machinegun, and pistol teams 1985-1991.
  • Retired military veteran with an Instructors designator in marksmanship (H).
  • Former CID agent with the 297th MID of the 19th SF Group.
  • Member AMVETS, VFW, and Berlin Vets.


In Berlin, Germany 1961 during the height of the cold war as Soviet and US Tanks faced off at “Checkpoint Charlie”.

Note the .30 cal carbine mags in pockets of flack jacket

Non-Military Career

  • 30 years Shotokan Karate Instructed by Shorijo Koyama & Hidikitaki Nishima
  • Former head Wrestling Coach Northern Arizona U 1974-1975
  • Retired as head wrestling Coach Buena H.S. in Sierra Vista in 2008

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