Gator Farm Tactical offers firearms training at all levels from basic handgun instruction to full on tactical lessons. Our courses are designed to teach people of all training levels how to protect themselves, their homes, and families.

Gator Farm Tactical is the firearms training contractor for Pima County Natural Resources Parks and Recreation (NRPR).  We offer our classes at the Pima County Shooting Sport Ranges You can signup for our regularly scheduled (classes listed) below through Pima County at http://www/ .

We can also arrange private classes or customized classes to meet your specific needs by calling Dan Southard at 520-249-0394.

Download the Gator Farm Schedule

Download the Pima County Special Interest Class Schedule Jan – Apr 2020

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Note:  For new shooters, we recommend that you first take “Handgun Safety and Selection” seminar to learn how firearms function and to also fire a variety of different guns.  Next, we recommend the “Legal Issues of CCW” class if you’re interested in obtaining your Concealed Handgun Weapon (CCW) License.  As your proficiency improves, take the “Practical Handgun” class.  For more advanced instruction, we recommend the “MAG 20 (Massad Ayoob Group) classes and our “Interagency Training” class.

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