Interagency Training

Cost: $200

This class was designed for active duty (deployable reserve) military and Law Enforcement Officers.  This course is now open to civilians who are CCW holders.

This is the dynamic intermediate/advanced course of fire taught for a number of years at Ft. Huachuca and other LE/Agencies.  The course is divided into 2 days with increasing intensity every drill.

You must bring your carry gun, holster, a solid belt, three magazines with a good magazine holder, and ammunition ( 500 rounds of handgun and 30 rounds of shotgun slugs are required).  Body armor is required for the second day.

Note:  Please bring a lunch each day as there are no eating establishments near the range.

Class Schedule: 

Additional Classes will be offered upon request – Call Dan to schedule (520-249-0394).

Class Location:  SERP – South East Regional Park, 11296 S Harrison Rd, Tucson, AZ 85747

Register online at the Pima County website

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