Gator Farm Tactical has a Contract with Pima County

NRPR LogoGator Farm is now on contract with Pima County to offer firearms classes at Pima County’s Shooting Sport Ranges.  The regularly schedule classes are listed under the CLASSES menu of this website and you can signup for these classes through Pima County at .  You can also arrange private classes by calling Dan Southard at 520-249-0394.

Massad Ayoob visits Tucson

On March 4-5 2017, Gator Farm Tactical was pleased to host Massad Ayoob, our country’s leading advocate of legal issues in self defense, to present his very intense two day study of The Armed Citizens Rules of Behavior during a self defense situation.  This was the seventh time we hosted a visit by Massad Ayoob to Southern Arizona.  We look forward to hosting future visits.  For more information on Massad Ayoob’s classes visit his web site at


Gator Farm Tactical Uses the Latest Training Technology

SIRT 110 ProGator Farm Tactical offers the latest training technology in its handgun classes using SIRT training pistols from Next Level Training.  The SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) pistol is a dedicated dual laser (Green & Red) training devise with the functional features of a Glock™ 17/22 pistol.  It provides realistic dry-fire training to refine marksmanship fundamentals in advance of live-fire training.  This allows our students to learn the fundamentals of sight alignment and trigger control without the distractions of live-fire before going to the firing range.  It makes their range time much more effective.

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